Hirose Electric’s ix Industrial™
is a new standardized, miniaturized Ethernet compatible interface in compliance with IEC/PAS 61076-3-124. ix Industrial™ features a 75% reduced size compared to RJ45 modular connectors. The receptacles allow for a parallel 10mm pitch mounting for daisy-chaining in compact units contributing to size reduction of end use products. Two coding options are available: A and B.
ix Industrial™ is compact – robust – high-Speed
High mechanical reliability with 5000 mating cycles and robust locking feature. The outstanding shielding design support EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and enhanced EMI/ESD properties for excellent high-speed data performance.
is the official HIROSE partner for ix Industrial™ cable assemblies in Europe. Our ix Industrial™ web shop grants you quick access to ix Industrial™ cable assemblies for your R&D and for smaller quantities.